About SafeHouse Rehab

About SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand should really include ‘About You’ in the title. For you and us are not mutually exclusive. Without you there’d be no SafeHouse Rehab and without SafeHouse Rehab there may very well be no you. If an addiction or alcoholism sufferer does not break the habit and find a new way to live, there are only four possible outcomes. Jails, institutions, endless degradation and deterioration, and ultimately death.

This is the first thing to say about SafeHouse Rehab. We are an institution but of the very best kind. One that can break the cycle. In any case, until you find a new way, you are gone, lost. You are not the individual that your family and wider circle remember before your substance abuse took control. And not the you, that you yourself remember. The carefree joyful and ambitious person of your youth that you lost and cannot resurrect on your own. If you have reached or feel you are approaching the point that you can no longer live with or without drink or drugs, that’s when you need us and want to find out everything you can about rehab centers. That is why SafeHouse Rehab exists.

Of course we can only tell you about SafeHouse Rehab Center and no others. You will certainly have heard of the rehab exploits of the wayward celebrities and you may have seen or heard of friends going to rehabs of all kinds, some successful some not. You may even have tried rehab before. None of your previous experience or what you may have heard about rehabs is relevant. What is relevant is the here and now, the details about SafeHouse Rehab and how we can help you help yourself.

That is our mission, our template and the recipe for success. We will tell you "it's not where you've been that counts; it's where you are going. It's not who you were that counts, it's who you really are and it's not what you did that counts it's what you do now and from here on in".

One thing you can be absolutely sure of about SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand is that you do not come here to be judged in any way. You are not responsible for your addiction or alcoholism. These are recognised by the World Health Authority as an illness (i.e a state of involuntary being). So you cannot be judged for having an illness. But like any illness it can be treated, and we use many tried and trusted ingredients within our treatment program to find your reprieve and recovery. We must also tell you about us, that we will not show sympathy for you.

Help Available at SafeHouse Rehab Center ThailandWe will show empathy understanding and great tolerance, but if you are thinking to come and have the people around you show pity and indulge self-pity, that will not happen. Because it is not conducive to our Primary Purpose. At SafeHouse Rehab we know you will initially be restless irritable and discontent. Our facility and program is sympathetically designed to maximise your comfort. We will shepherd you through this early stage until you are able to start taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions.

SafeHouse Rehab Centre will gently keep you busy. We will indulge some jetlag and a period of familiarisation during which time you will observe what a fantastic place and regime we have here. There is much about SafeHouse Rehab that will be immediately apparent. The 16 luxury one bedroom apartments with comfy beds and fluffy pillows. The business-like daytime areas where we do the treatment (over 400 sqm of top notch space). The gardens lakes and pathways for strolling chatting and contemplation. This will all soon come as a great relief to the client after the chaos of active substance abuse. Then you will notice that SafeHouse Rehab has use of the water park, huge brand new gym, football and badminton pitches in defined downtime. We know that it will be a while before you have the energy to enjoy these, but we will help you get there ASAP with daily massages and rejuvenating aromatherapy. We believe the sooner your body feels healthy the sooner your mind is receptive to our program and real recovery can begin.

Extensive one-to-one counselling is one facet about SafeHouse Rehab that sets us apart. We aim for a full hour every day, or at worst every two days. We are staffed to accommodate this aim. Group therapy, the medium for the most healing empathy and unburdening of fears and regrets takes place 3 times a day. And at SafeHouse Rehab we will task you with written assignments. Simple and easy and initially, such as how you feel when you wake, and how you feel as the day ends, but progressing towards more in-depth self-examination that opens the doors to wellness and recovery.

Group Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand


We will show you the way, support you emotionally, encourage you along, and give you increasing responsibility to push ahead. Our facility is very real. We are not billeting you on a beach or in some other false paradise, because how will doing so help you get back to the reality of life? We have so very much to offer your mind body and soul but a hugely important facet about us; we are not selling an impossible dream or a 4 week holiday. Either of which could prove to be your very last fantasy or vacation!

All addicts and alcoholics have managed, somehow somewhere to get a day or a week or maybe even a month or two of white-knuckle abstinence from substances. But that is no sort of recovery. We do not offer just that because in the long run, it would be a total waste of time and money. The individual is not an addict or alcoholic because he or she uses or drinks. It is the other way round. They use or drink because they are an addict or alcoholic. It is the client who must be treated, far beyond just not indulging in their chosen vice for a few weeks. That would not be conducive to our Primary Purpose.

At SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand we take alcoholism and addiction very very seriously. We will prepare you for the rest of your life. Around and about SafeHouse Rehab, as well as the sports facilities, are shops restaurants cafes small businesses and a prestige new housing development. We will not subject you to cabin fever or a walled complex, but to a real life environment that you will soon come to embrace without the need for substances. We will take great care of you within a lovely and eclectic setting

Other pages on this website will tell you more details of the unique treatment program and downtime excursions that we offer, but we hope this about SafeHouse Rehab section has given you a good overview.