Accommodation and Facilities

Accommodation and facilities at any drug and alcohol rehab in the world are of significant importance to the clients. Considering that most clients at our facility in Ban Bueng will be hundreds or thousands of miles from home, creature comforts, relaxing atmosphere and feelings of emotional warmth and homeliness are of extra significance at SafeHouse. Indeed, second only to the quality of the treatment programme on offer. All clients at SafeHouse Rehab’s private residential treatment centre will feel at home and at ease in their own luxury one bedroom balconied apartment. The community residential rehab ethos of safety and inclusivity are achieved by the privacy of our apartment complex. Access is by key-card only and is totally exclusive to SafeHouse clients. It is indeed a very Safe House. A private reception area is manned 24 hours, receptionist by day and security officer all night.

SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Luxury Accommodation All 1 Bedroom Condos

Your Private Apartment
The condos comprise bedroom and separate living room with balcony, kitchen and shower room. Clients will not feel cramped or confined to one small chalet cabin or hotel type room. The ultra-comfortable large beds and fluffy pillows will encourage a restful and peaceful sleep pattern: absolutely a blessing after the fitful chemically induced sleeps of old. Sofas and coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, and the balcony provide a variety of other relaxation options. In an early recovery phase of potential hyperactivity and restlessness, the accommodation and facilities at your personal disposal will be very welcome. The condos are well sound insulated and, as expected in a Thailand rehab centre, serviced with air conditioning and cable TV. Cutlery crockery and kitchen equipment are provided as are window blinds artworks and therapeutic reading materials. Bedding and pillows are high quality Western hotel standard.

SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Luxury Accommodation and Facilities Bedroom

We have formulated everything we can to assure the client the most comforting and welcoming stay in a residential drug and alcohol treatment center possible. Laundry and cleaning services are also included. The condos and floor plan is conceptualised to promote camaraderie and mutual support amongst the clients especially in the first couple of weeks when they need each other the most. If all goes well, the client may then be relocated to a less integrated condo in the block, allowing the newest and most vulnerable to be in the heart of our residential rehab community when it matters most. All professional staff also reside in the block, so are close at hand if need be.

Treatment Centre Accommodation and Facilities

Our daytime drug and alcohol treatment centre is where the bulk of our work is done. SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand stands 150m from the condos and occupies over 400 sq. metres of high quality residential treatment facilities arranged over 3 floors. The layout amenities and interior design have been carefully formulated to provide the relaxed efficient and unintimidating atmosphere we need to promote a smooth recovery. Four designated private counselling offices and two large ‘group therapy’ alcoholism and addiction treatment rooms provide the client the space and environment to best delve into their troubles, share them and steadily leave them behind. Complementary therapy rooms for massage and meditation are sized to suit individual or group use in the quietest of environments. A fully equipped kitchen, an adjoining dining and community room, large reception and conference room complete the internal space. All areas have full ac suspended ceilings flush low energy lighting AV and lecture facilities and lovely decor and ambience throughout. Aromatherapy oils are lightly ducted through the whole rehab centre to relax and motivate clients through therapy.

SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Tropical Garden

External accommodation and facilities include multiple balconies with green mountain views for adhoc counselling sessions and study, a large tropical garden and a butterfly enclosure. There’s no point in having a rehab center in Thailand and not taking advantage of the weather! Access to and egress from both the private residential treatment accommodation and the daytime rehab center is strictly controlled and fully video monitored. We all feel safer knowing that clients are where they should be and so getting the most from our program on a daily basis. The clients too, after years of living by their own rules will welcome a new sense of responsibility and routine.

Leisure and Other Facilities

Facilities within 100m of SafeHouse Rehab Centre include a water park, gym with steam and sauna rooms, badminton courts and football pitches. A convenience store and a selection of healthy restaurants and coffee shops are on our doorstep.

SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Steam Room and SaunaFrankly our accommodation is so well served by extensive facilities that nobody really needs to leave the complex for the duration of their stay. They will feel quite at home and untroubled by the temptations of the wider world. The sensation of ‘cabin fever’ generated by so many other isolated rehab centers is avoided by the sheer space and options available for clients to safely utilise. Furthermore we arrange regular group therapeutic, but fun excursions during downtime for the re-familiarisation of finding enjoyment without the crutch of substances. Clients will have forgotten how that feels. We will remind them. The town of Ban Bueng and the wider environs of Chonburi Province and Bangkok provide all the temples beaches parks lakes tourist attractions and elephants one might wish for in Thailand. We will make the very best use of them.

The accommodation and facilities at and around SafeHouse Rehab Centre Thailand are simply awesome. They help provide the relaxed familiar and fully recuperative atmosphere that is sorely needed to support a residential rehab centre such as ours. One could not wish for more. SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand is indeed a very safe house. The client will be safe and sound at last.