Brief Online Assessment – 8 Questions Only

This brief online assessment tool is short, quick and easy to use. We do not want to waste your time with 30 or 40 questions. Its purpose is simply to give our team the minimum information necessary to follow up with a decent conversation and move the assessment process forward in a relaxed and painless manner.

Brief Online Assessment Form

Please be assured that by completing this brief online assessment form, your information will be held in the strictest confidence. From this very moment in the SafeHouse Rehab Center process, through the entire treatment program, to graduation and second stage (if appropriate) the client’s full anonymity is assured. We take this issue very seriously. Trust is a huge part of the relationship between SafeHouse Rehab and the drug addict or alcoholic in our care, and we start as we mean to finish!

A brief online assessment can only achieve so much. For a start it is generally completed by the addict or alcoholic themselves, and their view of reality will certainly have been clouded by their long and traumatic existence under the influence of substances. SafeHouse counsellors and admin staff would be very unwise to rely on any brief online assessment as a true and definitive factsheet. So we cannot make any major decisions based thereon.

Our 8 questions plus contact details are enough only to give us some assurance that we are liaising with someone suffering drug addiction or alcoholism who may benefit from the SafeHouse Rehab treatment program and with whom further contact is warranted. If we do not believe the answers warrant further discussion we will advise you by return.

We only operate as a 16 bed facility. We have no interest in admitting people who do not have a serious drug addiction or alcoholism problem, who don’t need our treatment program or may best be served by another type of institution.

The major treatment program ingredients of empathy and identification, on which group therapy dynamics rely, are paramount in our admission selection protocols. So, 8 questions to start with, then some further relaxed conversations will ensue.