Christmas in Rehab

Christmas in Rehab at SafeHouse for alcoholics and drug addicts is far more fun than out on the streets.

For drug users in their addiction, in the weeks before Xmas, the scams dry up, the income dries up, the money disappears, and the whole damn routine goes way off for 7 or 10 days. Often, and worst of all, even the dealers turn their phones off or suffer a drought. Add to that the extra demands of family around the Christmas period and it is a nightmare, normally dominated by being sick more than being high! Don’t wait until that is the awful reality before considering Christmas in rehab!

Christmas in Rehab For The Alcoholic or Addict and Families - SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

For alcoholics the story is a little different. Everyone drinks at Xmas, more than usual as a rule. The alcoholic has the perfect opportunity to indulge his or her alcoholism without the normal restraints or camouflage. After all, “everyone’s doing it and nobody will notice if I go over the top a bit”. What a fantastic justification to openly drink and behave even worse than normally. And where does that leave you? Unusually remorseful, unusually ashamed and embarrassed, unusually broke, and nursing an unusually bad hangover than usual. In turn this requires more booze, time off, and misery under the duvet. Thinking about Christmas in rehab weeks ahead of time may not be great, but surely it would be better than that!

The whole thing about Christmas for addicts and alcoholics is that it is not the fun it is supposed to be. And after Xmas? That awful dead period approaching the New Year. Everyone is talking about resolutions, hopes and dreams, except the addict and alcoholic. They know that the one resolution they need but can’t deliver, is to give up the drink or drugs. They think that’s impossible, meaning no hopes or dreams at all, just the fear of another year in the grip of addiction or alcoholism. New Year? Same as the old year!

On the other hand, all that can and will be avoided if the addict or alcoholic spends Christmas in rehab, and opens the New Year clean, safe and sound. It may not be an endless bundle of laughs, but it will be calm, relaxing, and fun at SafeHouse. The program will be modified considerably to include a small in-house party, a special excursion to some appropriate Bangkok nightlife, great Christmas food, extra time in the pool, sauna, steam room, and a lot of traditional TV from home!

For once, maybe the first time in years, Christmas in rehab will mean not waking up sick, tired and fearful, but healthy, energetic and full of real hope for the New Year. There will finally be good cause to dare make a meaningful and potentially life-changing New Year’s resolution.