Confidentiality Policy

Please read the following confidentiality policy carefully.

SafeHouse Rehab operates a strict confidentiality policy. Your records, both oral and written, will be kept in confidence, according to standards set down in UK and US Legislation.

This policy is designed to provide a maximum amount of trust between clients and staff. Any information given to staff by clients is never passed on to other clients. However clients should note that any disclosure to a member of the Clinical team may be handed over to another member of the Clinical team, as this is designed to provide clients with a holistic care approach, ensuring continued care.

There are a few important exceptions to when counsellors may be required to break confidentiality.

  1. If ordered by a court
  2. If you appear to have a serious intention to harm yourself or another.
  3. If you have broken the ground rules around drugs and alcohol. In this instance other residents would be informed of your relapse.
  4. If a client discloses any information about the ongoing abuse of a minor.
  5. When we need to seek outside advice on matters concerning SafeHouse Rehab.


Clients are expected to respect the confidentiality of other clients in treatment at all times. We do not allow photographs to be taken of other clients. Do not post photographs or any other type of information about other clients on Facebook or other social media websites under any circumstances. Gossiping about other clients can also be very harmful to the therapeutic community, so please refrain from doing so.


Research data has overwhelmingly shown that individuals recovering from addiction through participation in a treatment program have a much higher success rate when family members and loved ones are involved in the process, aware of what is going on, and educated as to how they can help their loved one to recover. To this end, we ask that all clients entering our treatment program allow us to involve those closest to them in the treatment process. We will keep these individuals apprised of your progress, and coordinate with them to ensure your maximum potential for success. We also ask for family feedback to help your treatment process.

Please note: The above confidentiality policy is implemented to ensure that anyone who stays at SafeHouse Rehab Center can and will receive the level of service and treatment that not only they would expect, but also that we insist on is provided.