Detox and How We Can Help You

SafeHouse can arrange and facilitate a detox here in Thailand. It will either be inpatient in a private hospital or outpatient through a local hospital, clinic or doctor. We also have nursing staff on call for administering the detox drugs at the rehab centre if appropriate. As long as you give full disclosure of your addiction status in advance, we can work it out. The detoxes will be as comfortable as possible. Actually, in the right rehabilitation environment, most detoxes are relatively painless and quite a speedy process. The more complex ones such as longstanding methadone, barbiturate or alcohol dependence will take longer and be less comfortable, but manageable. As has been said to many alcoholics and drug addicts over the years, ‘Nobody ever died from lack of sleep’.

Alternatively, we can help you arrange a detox in your home town or city via associate specialist providers. Again there are various forms, for instance rapid inpatient detox under anaesthetic or standard inpatient detoxing or via outpatient services. In some instances this can be better for the client due to the familiarisation of his or her surroundings. In other cases it can be worse, for the very same reason. Nowhere is as easy for an addict or alcoholic to indulge their addiction than in their hometown close to dealers and favourite welcoming pubs.

Aikchol Hospital – Chonburi

Detox at Aikchol Hospital Chonburi - SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Any detoxes required by SafeHouse clients will be prescribed and administered in association with Aikchol Hospital, in Chonburi City, just 20 minutes’ drive from SafeHouse. The two Aikchol Hospitals are Private facilities, comprising 362 beds, and were established initially in 1978. Aikchol offers general medical services including diagnostic and therapeutic care, medicine, surgery, 24-hour emergency facilities, and comprehensive medical technology. Their Physicians specialise in over 50 medical sectors, and are backed up by a well-qualified and specified nursing and service team.

Aikchol Hospital #1 (262 beds), is the first Private Hospital in Chonburi City to be accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI), the world standard for safety and quality of care. Aikchol Hospital Public Company Ltd is also Accredited by Hospital Accreditation (HA).

We are delighted Aikchol have chosen to work with SafeHouse to facilitate our detox requirements, and we will also be utilising their full medical check-up service, and their medical acupuncture department for every client.

The Implant Option

SafeHouse has entered into a reciprocal arrangement with the OAD Clinic in London’s Belgravia. The organisation has over 30 years’ experience in detox, and pioneered opiate blocker implant services. Blocker implants will absolutely guarantee that opiates simply do not work for the length of their effectiveness, which can be from 3 months to 1 year, depending on your choice of implant. This is a life changing step in dealing with the physical addiction. Entering the first rate treatment program here at SafeHouse immediately after implant will give you the tools to find a happy and fulfilling life without returning to chemicals. If you take this option you can arrive in Thailand clean and sober, and thereby benefit from a full month of rehab with a clear head. If, after an initial chat with us, we feel this route would benefit any client, we can discuss an inclusive package. SafeHouse is seeking to formalise similar arrangements with clinics in Australia and elsewhere.

We suggest full declaration and full discussions before deciding on the right course of action, but essentially yes, we can help with all forms of detox.

Do We Distinguish Between Drugs?

Only as far as detoxes are concerned. Most drug groups have their own tried and tested detox ‘staples’ and these must be utilised.

In terms of the choice of the abuser’s favourite substance and the post-detox treatment program we do not distinguish. A simple parallel: people go into a sweet shop and try all different types of chocolate bar. They love one particular brand and buy that particular one whenever they can. Periodically they may change brands back and forth. The point is its all chocolate. They all make you fat and provide a certain flavour, but they are all chocolate.

It is the same with drugs. And when we say drugs, we include alcohol in that category. Alcohol is a narcotic drug just as heroin is (i.e they both affect the central nervous system). All forms and categories of drug have their own quantifiable effects on people. Stimulants, sedatives, alcohol, opiates, synthetics, herbal, barbiturates etc. etc. all have one major thing in common. They have become the ‘drug of choice’ for the user. They hit the right spot and help them escape reality the most efficiently.

The excuses for drug use and the mental and emotional manifestations of drug use are quite similar in all cases. These are what really need to be examined and treated once the client is drug free. As the treatment progresses, all clients will come to see that it is the empathy and identification that brings them together towards recovery, not the different drugs they chose.

So essentially, SafeHouse does not distinguish between drugs except in the context of detox.