Do I Need Rehab

Do I need rehab? Have I crossed the addiction / alcoholism line?

There was a time for many suffering addiction and alcoholism when drinking and using were carefree and fun; Helpful even. But if you are looking at the SafeHouse website, those days are probably long gone. If you have any doubts as to whether you have crossed the line into dependent use of substances, and are reluctant to simply say; do I need rehab? ask yourselves the following questions. If you answer yes to even half of them, chances are you are an active drug addict or alcoholic, and need help. And bear in mind, if you do say ‘yes’ to only half, you will inevitably be saying ‘yes’ to the other half, if you survive long enough.

Do I Need Rehab at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

    1. Do you ever use your substances alone or in secret?
    2. If you can’t access the substance you prefer, do you look for alternatives?
    3. Have you found yourself at the doctor or hospital as (A) a result of drink or drugs injuries (B) seeking help to stop using substances,or (C) a potential source for supply of drugs?
    4. Have you ever broken your personal moral code to obtain drink or drugs? (Such as lied, stolen, cheated).
    5. Do you think of drink or drugs early morning or just before bedtime?
    6. Do you try to stop using one substance by taking another?
    7. Do you choose your friends by the substances they use?
    8. Do you have difficulty mixing with people who don’t use excessively?
    9. Have you ever taken a drink or drug without knowing the effects?
    10. Has your career or study been adversely affected by your use of substances?
    11. Have you had legal problems as a result of drinking or using?
    12. Are you preoccupied with drink or drugs?
    13. Is spending money on drink or drugs more important than on food or family?
    14. Have you been unable to consistently stay on the wagon, or even control your intake?
    15. Have you ever asked yourself; do I need rehab?
    16. Does the thought of withdrawals terrify you?
    17. Are you unable to consider a future without drink or drugs?
    18. Do your relationships with family and workmates suffer due to the effects of drink or drugs on your behaviour and feelings?
    19. Do you deflect enquiries as to your wellbeing, or simply lie in response?
    20. Are your primary emotions fear, shame and guilt?
    21. Do you only occasionally feel confidence, self-respect and clear of conscience?
    22. Has your sex life suffered as a result of substances?
    23. Have you ever collapsed as a result of drink or drugs, or come round thinking ‘ where the hell have I been? What have i been doing?

To be frank, there could be 100 more questions that could help you answer the biggy; do I need rehab? but why waste time? If you are answering this questionnaire on your own behalf, or on someone else’s, you probably have a clear idea of how real the problem is. At SafeHouse it is this problem in which we specialise. Our treatment program and daily treatment schedule is specifically to help the alcoholic and the addict. If you come to SafeHouse and do well, you may never have to ask the question; do I need rehab? again.