Drug Rehab in The Philippines

Drug Rehab in The Philippines has never been in more demand with such limited supply! In a small effort to supplement and help the fantastically hard working private Philippines rehabilitation facilities, SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand is offering free rehab to a limited number of Filipino citizens in need of drug treatment.

Panadda Jutachun, Director, Buddhist mentor and innovator of the Drug Rehab In The Philippines initiative at SafeHouse, comments – “I have been shocked by the news reaching us. The killings, the executions are horrifying! And if we at SafeHouse Rehab Center can save even one soul by offering treatment here in Thailand, we want to do this! So I have instructed my professional staff to offer free 30-day residential treatment, for arrivals at our centre during January & February 2017. We are only a small facility, so numbers are very limited. We cannot seriously compensate for lack of drug rehab in The Philippines, but we can do a little. Maybe by doing this, we can encourage others to do the same. I do not comment on the politics, and I applaud the ambition of the Philippines authorities to eradicate their drug problems – all societies should try to remove the curse of addiction – but I cannot sit and ignore the fact that there are better ways to beat addiction, and alternative locations to a drug rehab in The Philippines! My staff are alert to prioritise answering phone calls from the Philippines on our designated hotlines.”

The instant executions undertaken on behalf of, and encouraged by the current administration in an effort to consign the Philippines’ drug problem to the past have been well documented. Hundreds, probably thousands of killings of Filipino dealers and drug addicts have been undertaken by police and unofficial vigilante groups, while drug distributors at all levels are adding 'informers' to the list of targets. The killings are multiplying daily, as is almost demanded by the Philippines Head of Government.  Just being suspected of belonging to one of the target groups is enough to get a person killed.

Accordingly, many providers of drug rehab in The Philippines have been overrun by addicts seeking to extract themselves from the awful spectre of execution. There are so many. Back In 2012, according to the UN, The Philippines registered the highest rate of methamphetamine use in East Asia, and U.S. State Department figures note that more than one in fifty 16 to 64 year old Filipinos use the drug, known locally as "shabu". Given that its use has continued to grow, one shudders at the potential stats were they re-researched now.

Panadda Jutachun innovator of the Drug Rehab In The Philippines initiative at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

As Panadda Jutachun says - “Being an addict is a curse at the best of times, but being hunted as well? The nightmare is ten times worse. Drug rehab in The Philippines has never been so needed as now. There are some very good facilities, operated by good, genuine and benevolent people in the private sector. But a rehab is only good for those who can get in there, and places are so very limited. The news clips of hundreds of addicts who have surrendered themselves to the authorities, sick and scared, crammed into barred rooms and cells designed to house 20 are haunting. And these refuges are not treatment centres, and certainly don’t offer drug treatment services: they are just temporary respites from terror, offering no real help whatsoever."

In the drug rehab in The Philippines private sector, they are doing a fantastic job. But when there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of addicts needing treatment to give themselves a chance of survival, the existing capacity does not even scratch the surface. They are overrun, and powerless to do more than their huge efforts so far. Their tireless and on-going attempts to educate the Health Authorities about sustainable recovery cannot influence the situation now.

Frankly, even 100 similar offers from rehabs around the world would hardly dent the issue of the current shortage of beds in drug rehabs in The Philippines. But at least SafeHouse Rehab Center in Thailand is donating some small level of help.

For any Filipino with a drug problem who needs to escape and seek a new way of life, a phone call to the SafeHouse dedicated numbers, +66 917 399536 and +66 917 128702 also shown at the top of every page on their website could be the first step!