Entertainment in SafeHouse

Entertainment in SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand, in the forms of movies comedy sport and music are not really the sort of things you’d expect to be enjoying at a drug and alcohol rehab. Wrong! SafeHouse is not a boot camp. It is not punishment, karma or penance for past misdeeds. Daily scheduled entertainment in SafeHouse rehab centre will help you move past your addiction into a new fuller phase of life. Whilst the treatment program is quite intense and challenging, and will keep you very busy, and whilst the light exercise facilities are varied, do not think there will be no time to enjoy some relaxing downtime.

Entertainment in SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

We see it like this. If you are watching a favourite sporting event, listening to a favourite band, or heartily laughing at a great funny movie, you will not be thinking about drinking or using nor be deep in self-pity. For so many addicts and alcoholics, normal pastimes such as these were only enjoyed as an accessory to the main event: drinking or drugging. Or worst case scenario, were just left behind entirely as boring, unfulfilling things that got in the way of our primary purpose: getting drugs and alcohol, and finding ways and means to get more. With that preoccupation, who’s got time for leisure? At SafeHouse rehab centre, we make time!

Well we bring that leisure back to you. The enjoyment of watching elite athletes in competitive sports; the joys of hearing your favourite bands and tunes – you know, the ones that really hit the spot for you; and the long forgotten feeling of a real belly-laugh. These emotions contribute to a new, real, life.

At SafeHouse, we have extensive libraries of films and music, and satellite TV access to international sports and movie channels. Every day, there will be time allocated for communal entertainment in SafeHouse Rehab Center for enjoyment of these things, and if you bring your own, once you settle in you can link to HDMI TVs in your condo.

Entertainment in SafeHouse Rehab Center is what helps make us a very ‘real life’ rehab. Real life means learning to again enjoy everything that’s out there, even in the rehab setting. We draw the line at good old-fashioned food fights, as Thai food is somewhat messier than meat and two veg. However, we may occasionally sanction a full throttle custard pie invasion!