Exercise and Fitness

Exercise options at SafeHouse rehab are light and varied.

At SafeHouse we know very well that most addicts and alcoholics arriving at our doors are physically debilitated to one extent or another. The sum total of their exercise regime for many years is likely only to have been running around looking for connections or going to and from pubs and bars. If they are lucky, maybe they go to work and back as well.

We will not expect them to readily or easily start an exercise regime. However, as time progresses, the facilities available at SafeHouse, and incorporated in the daily treatment schedule will slowly come into play.


Water Park

We have a smallish water park where light swimming can kick off the exercise program. It comprises several pools of differing depths and sizes, slides and decorative waterfalls and rockeries. Within its environs are of course extensive sun loungers if the exercise all get too much!

The Swimming Pool and Water Park is Part of The Exercise and Fitness Program at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand


We have use of a fully equipped, high specification and extensive gym, where our fitness coach will instruct in a light, short daily workout and gently progress from there. As well as a multitude of free weights, gym machines and boxing aides, there are several studios for yoga, spinning and other exercise. SafeHouse will respect the wishes of all clients by arranging group or individual activities as appropriate.

SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Fitness and Exercise Gym

Walking, Running, Cycling

We have a lakeside walking or running route of about 800m, and several miles of light cycleway on our site. This is a really attractive area, with many tropical gardens in which to take time out during the circuit.

Football and Badminton

As the client’s fitness improves, he or she may want to utilise the four indoor and outdoor football pitches for kick-abouts, and the badminton complex that houses 12 courts. These areas will also encourage our clients to engage with Thai visitors to the sports complex, so clients do not feel they are stuck in the midst of a closed ‘rehab bubble’.

Badminton Courts as Part of The Exercise and Fitness Program at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Sauna and Steam Room

When the exercise is done, clients will be able to really appreciate the joys of the sauna and steam room while winding down and relaxing after their exertions.

Physical fitness is not a must at SafeHouse, but it is a fact that physical activity releases essential endorphins into the system which improve the feel-good factor and instil an extra feeling of well-being and self-respect in the individual – feelings that may have been absent for years! Even light activity aids sleep and thereby improved daily engagement with the SafeHouse program.