Family Benefits of Rehab

Family benefits of rehab for the addict or alcoholic are immeasurable. For the family member, or indeed any significant other, loving an active alcoholic or addict is a thankless emotion. Whether that love is demonstrated in feelings, actions or both, it usually seems totally wasted and ineffective.

If you are the wife, husband, partner, child, or close friend of a dependent person, you are placed in an almost impossible situation. You want to help; want to control; want to offer and provide solutions, but all you seem to get back is deceit, disrespect, broken promises, dishonesty and unreliability. That’s actually the better end. You may also suffer theft, treachery, mental emotional and physical abuse, and one way or another have every act of love and kindness you show thrown back in your face with utter contempt. It is a horrible place to be.

Family Benefits of Rehab When Attending SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

What is left then? Well, maybe the dreaded ‘tough love’ approach, when you pretend not to care, stop all efforts to help and just let the addict or alcoholic sink further into the quagmire. Indeed, you may take that to the limit and call the police or other authorities on them. But this tough love is another awful dilemma, and goes against all your loving instincts.

Then maybe there’s the ‘I’ll buy you out of your problem’ approach; and there’s the ‘if i buy you enough holidays, cars, homes, gym memberships, you will realise how wonderful life can be without drink and drugs, and get your act together’. Allied to this, you may keep on bailing him or her out of financial troubles, large or small. The family member can try all of these; can be seen as cruel, or as an ‘enabler’ simply perpetuating the problem. Family members can try so many other cunning methods and interventions to solve the addiction problem. So can the employer, who for so long may indulge the ever-worsening addict or alcoholic behaviours through loyalty or more mercenary intent. The family member or employer will always recall the better and more productive human being before the dependency took hold, and hope against hope that sometime soon, that individual will be magically revealed once again.

The above makes terrible reading, does it not? What makes it even worse is that none of it is effective. You cannot do right for doing wrong, and no course of action upon which you embark will have any long-term success in resolving the problem. As one of the powerful photos on our treatment program page says, ‘ if love could have saved you, you would have lived for ever’. Eventually, even the most sceptical may start wondering if there are family benefits of rehab for the addict.

Family Benefits of Rehab Can Help Heal Relationships SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Unfortunately love, in whichever ways you might demonstrate it, is not enough. Even with all the endless love the family and others can muster, for the vast majority the end results can and will include divorce; estrangement; unemployability; huge legal problems; loss of all peace of mind; financial ruin; jails; institutions; worsening degradation and sadly death. Arresting this inevitable decline for the sufferer and those watching is one of the primary family benefits of rehab.

Alcoholism and addiction is recognised by no less than the World Health Organisation, and many other Governmental National Health Authorities as an illness; a terminal and recurring illness, and as such, a condition that requires specific and professional treatment. A proven treatment such as that we offer at SafeHouse Rehab Centre Thailand, that can remove ‘terminal’ and ‘recurring’ from the equation! Many of these authorities also recognise that the family benefits of rehab are very evident and nurturing for all involved.

At SafeHouse Rehab Center, we totally understand the pain inflicted on the loved-ones of the addict or alcoholic. We will do our level best to ensure that is replaced with the respect, care and consideration you expect of your afflicted son, daughter, husband, wife, parent or employee. During the client’s stay at SafeHouse, we will report to the nominated significant other weekly as a matter of course, and will be more than happy to take calls for impromptu updates. More so, if you want to accompany the client to the doors of SafeHouse and stay a couple of days, we will make you welcome, put you up in our facility and help you feel as involved as our treatment program allows. And similarly, at the end of the client’s stay, we will offer the same facility if appropriate. Reconciliation is one of the family benefits of rehab that SafeHouse considers immeasurable. And what a boost to all involved. The addict or alcoholic finally starts to contribute to the wellbeing of those he or she has abused, sometimes ruthlessly. And the abused finally start to feel hope that their lives can stop being blighted by another’s addiction.

Family Benefits of Rehab

Family Benefits of Rehab Grow Through Mutual Support and Nurturing at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

There is a school of thought that the addict’s illness is so insidious that their loved ones’ obsession and behaviours around him or her have become so extreme that they themselves need help to recover. We know that most family members will simply consider that when their addict or alcoholic gets clean and sober, and maintains it long term, the whole family can put the dark days behind them without undue complication. In most cases, this is absolutely right. Nevertheless there are self-help groups and professional help aplenty available to family members, if they feel so inclined. At SafeHouse, we will not tell any family member that they need help, but if it is asked for, we can address the issue with our in-house specialist, or refer to appropriate professional and other help near the home town. Indeed there are several self-help groups whose programs perpetuate the family benefits of rehab, but in an empathic and informal fashion. Empathy and identification are at the heart of the old adage ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’

The pain of family and loved-ones will continue until the addict or alcoholic changes lifestyle. Our primary purpose is to show how that can be done. Just like the ripples of addiction spread far and wide, so do the benefits of change.