First Week in Rehab

First week in rehab can be a scary thought. What it entails will probably be the main question many potential clients want to ask once they have conceded a need to seek help? Fear of a new environment; fear of change; fear of meeting new people; fear of doing all this with the awful spectre of not drinking or using looming huge in the mind! The only thing real about the first week in rehab fears is the fear itself.

In reality, the warm caring and reassuring welcome you will receive, from the moment we meet you at the airport or wherever, will start to melt away the fears quickly. As we approach SafeHouse Rehab Center, and you see the water park, palm trees, and beautifully appointed rehab facility, the calm will ease you.  And when you are received by smiling and understanding staff, you will start to realise that maybe you have found the right place. We will show you to your private 4* apartment and you will start to feel safe and sound, at last. You might even imagine your first week in rehab won’t be so bad. We will be fully aware in advance of your detox status, and hopefully you will need only outpatient attention or none at all.

If an inpatient detox has been planned, well, you’ll have to spend a few days in hospital before you get to SafeHouse. You will be very well cared for with the latest detox drugs administered to give you the softest landing possible. We know how mentally and emotionally difficult detoxes can be, and you will be visited at least twice a day by SafeHouse staff that fully understand, and will have your very best interests at heart. No judgement; no recriminations. There will be no suffering alone whatsoever. In fact, it has been proven over the years that detoxing in the right environment with the right support is not half as bad as the fear! Street detoxing is awful. The sheer simple knowledge that the dealer, the pub, the drugs are just around the corner or a phone call away, drives the mind and body wild with craving and desire. That is the nature of addiction; so powerful. It simply will not be like that at SafeHouse, we assure you! Your stay in hospital will be as brief as is sensible.

First Week in Rehab and What to Expect at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

The first week in rehab will be quite relaxed for new arrivals. There will be a small community of clients doing their daily routine of group and complementary therapies, and outside activities. SafeHouse will not force you to join in. However, we will gently encourage you to take some part in the first few days, even if that only means slowly getting to know the others in the steam room, sauna, massage suite or water park. Or perhaps while taking a lakeside stroll or eating well in our tropical garden.

As you become ready, you will have a personal ‘get to know you’ counselling session and hopefully sit in on some group therapy. You will not be obliged to talk if you don’t want to. The first week in rehab is all about acclimatisation, relaxation and integration. You will start to sleep well in your condo. The air-con, TV and ducted aromatherapy will ease you through the nights, and by the end of the first week, you may actually be looking forward to the new day like you haven’t done for so very long.

The names and faces will have become familiar by now, as will the routines. Towards the end of the first week in rehab, you may even find yourself wanting to talk, engage and start to unburden yourself of the hellish existence of addiction and alcoholism. You will quickly realise you are in Thailand; beautiful weather and scenery, days getting joyfully busier, great food and nothing to fear. Hope will engulf you, and you will become ready and willing to delve deeper into the treatment program along with your peers. What a relief.

First Week in Rehab Will Bring Relief at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

On day 8, someone new will walk through the door, and you will instinctively know how to help him or her through the assimilation and acclimatisation process. You will offer the empathy, understanding and smiles that were shown to you just a few days earlier. The unparalleled effectiveness of ‘one addict or alcoholic helping another’ will, in that moment, become clear to you and help steer you in the right direction.

You will realise what a very good first week in rehab it has been