Length of Stay


It has become almost standard practise for ‘rehabs’ to seek to sign up clients for a month, and just take it from there. At SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand we do not feel that protocol properly reflects our institution. Ever since ‘rehab’ became a cool concept and was standard fare for comedians and gossip columnists, it has given license to many operators to treat rehabilitation in a similarly flippant fashion. We are not prepared to compromise in that vein. We are a very professional Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre – old school if you like, before all the useless hype. We literally save lives, certainly rebuild them. We take our Self-imposed Duty of Care very seriously, and it starts here with the truth, and the options.

Firstly, if you arrive at SafeHouse clean and sober, with a pretty clear head and a good dose of determination, one month here will be enough to give you a terrific head-start into long-term recovery. In this case we would be pleased to recommend a one month length of stay as an acceptable minimum commitment.

Length of Stay at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

If you arrive at the tail end of a detox with say, 3 or 4 days to go, we would suggest 5 weeks would be an acceptable minimum commitment.

If you arrive at SafeHouse with a manageable outpatient detox required of say 7 to 14 days, we would suggest 6 weeks would be an acceptable minimum commitment.

If you arrive with any greater detox needs such as 14 to 28 day inpatient/outpatient mix we really cannot, in all conscience, recommend less than a two month length of stay as an acceptable minimum commitment.

Why Must We be so Clear on This?

The very essence of our Treatment Program does not rest in conquering the physical dependence. That is just the first step. The crux of the program is teaching the methods to happily, readily, consistently, and even easily resist the obsessive and compulsive use of substances that has failed the client so often.

This requires a clear and settled mind even in a rehab setting. It requires some fortitude and personal commitment, and a semblance at least of honesty open-mindedness and willingness. With these, the alcoholic or addict is well on his or her way. None of the above will exist while the client is still on detox.

We need a month minimum to best work with a clean and sober individual.

Prescription Drugs SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

How do Prescribed Drugs for Secondary Issues Fit in?

Obviously many people are on a prescribed drug regime for medical or other issues which do not directly relate to their addiction. We would not seek to change or challenge such matters and will work with them.

How to Decide the Length of Stay That is Right for You

We will need a pretty detailed assessment of the client’s current status as it relates to substance abuse, other prescribed drug use, and any special mental or emotional diagnoses they have. This will be discussed in the initial consultation, and if necessary considered in more detail before we make a ‘length of stay’ recommendation. It is a longstanding and trusted equation in the rehabilitation world, that every month spent in an effective rehab centre, provides benefits equal to one years outpatient therapy through psychoanalysis, self help groups and other therapies.

Potential Secondary Treatment

Many clients, especially those without urgent work or other commitments to return to, would benefit substantially from a one month (or longer) length of stay in a second stage, or ‘halfway house’ facility. We have our own, or there are other independent operations to choose from around Thailand. Remember, we are dealing with one of the most fatal and damaging illnesses known to mankind – addiction (or as they used to say, Chemical Dependence). Every extra month that the client can invest in preparing him or herself for re-entry into the real world, will be very precious.

Thai Visa Requirements
Thailand Visa Stamp Issued to SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Most arrivals in Thailand receive an automatic 30 day visa. That is ideal for many of our clients, and if necessary it can be extended for up to two weeks by a quick border run or even a visit to the local Immigration Office. We will arrange and accompany. So if the client wants to make a quick decision and come straight away, it can be done whilst allowing some flexibility. However, if there is some certainty that a 2 month minimum stay could be required (or even longer to accommodate a ‘halfway house’ stay), it may be best for the client to obtain a longer visa in their home country. Normally this can be done at the Thai Embassy or various consular offices. We know that many clients, and even their families, won’t be able to get it together to sort this out as addiction has a very debilitating effect on the sufferers and those close to them. But we will make our recommendations and assist with advice and practical help from here in every way possible. At worst, the client can simply hop on a plane and get over here. We will then have 30 days to work things out.


1 The longer the client can allocate towards getting well, the better.

2 The better the client’s physical and mental state on arrival, the lesser the sensible commitment.

3 Everything can be sorted out and discussed in advance, or the client can just show up on a 30 day visa and it’ll all be taken care of.

4 Our fee rate can be discussed on a normal commercial basis. i.e the longer the stay, the greater the benefits and the cheaper it can be. It’s a win win win equation.