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SafeHouse Rehab FAQ is a page designed to answer many of your questions on this one handy page. If you click the (Read More) tags in blue, you will automatically be taken to the full answer. If you have any questions to which you cannot find satisfactory answers on the full website, please do not hesitate to fill in the form at the foot of the page and send it to us now, while you still remember the question! We have tried to give as much information as possible via the many pages and links you can access as you navigate the website, but life being what it is, we are sure to have forgotten something you want to know! We’ll be happy to rectify that by return. Please continue scrolling down to find your Questions and Answers.

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ All Your Questions Answered

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 1 – Can You Help Me Detox

SafeHouse can arrange and facilitate a detox here in Thailand or in your home town… It will either be inpatient in a private hospital or outpatient through a local hospital, clinic or doctor. We also have nursing staff on call for administering the detox drugs at the rehab centre if appropriate. As long as you give full disclosure of your addiction status, we can work it out. The detoxes will be as comfortable as possible. Actually, in the right rehabilitation environment, most detoxes are relatively painless and quite a speedy process. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 2Do You Distinguish Between Drugs?

Only as far as detoxes are concerned, as most drug groups have their own tried and tested detox ‘staples’ and these must be utilised. In terms of the choice of the abuser’s favourite substance, and the post-detox treatment program we do not distinguish. A simple parallel: people go into a sweet shop and try all different types of chocolate bar. They love one particular brand and buy that particular one whenever they can. Periodically they may change brands back and forth. The point is its all chocolate. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 3How Does The World Health Organisation View Addiction?

“There is no magic solution in treating substance dependence. It is a long process, with varying services, not always adequately available or provided. This is a chronic recurring illness, needing repeated treatments until abstinence is achieved. Aftercare is essential to successful recovery, as well as compliance and responsibility of the patients themselves”

The above extract from the WHO Document on Myths and Facts says it all. It deals with the problem, the hurdles and the potential solution. In one paragraph, it demonstrates why we at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand take substance abuse so very seriously. It is a killer illness. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 4What is The Length of Stay?

It has become almost standard practise for ‘rehabs’ to seek to sign up clients for a month, and just take it from there. At SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand we do not feel that protocol properly reflects our institution. Ever since ‘rehab’ became a cool concept and was standard fare for comedians, gossip columnists and songwriters, it has given license to many operators to treat rehabilitation in a similarly flippant fashion. We are not prepared to compromise in that vein. We are a very professional Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre – old school if you like, before all the useless hype. We literally save lives, certainly rebuild them. We take our self-imposed Duty of Care very seriously, and it starts here with the truth, and the options. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 5Can I Stay in Touch With The Outside World?

Contact with the outside world whilst in our care must be considered carefully, and in the best interests of all concerned. There are few things more distracting to the client than family or work issues and problems, and few things more damaging to the client than contact with dealers or drinking and using acquaintances. Our policy, conceived in the client’s best interests, is therefore as follows. All clients will hand their devices in to SafeHouse Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. These are primary rehab hours, during which clients should remain focused on the treatment program. If important calls or contacts need to be made during these times, they will of course be facilitated. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 6 – Why Are You Only 16 Rooms?

There are rehabs in Thailand and all over the world who service 100 clients or more at all times. Sometimes their staff ratio, facilities and time management are appropriate, and sometimes they are not. SafeHouse has made a conscious decision to keep numbers of clients to 16 or less. The two most important factors in addiction and alcoholism treatment are group and one-to-one counselling. The optimum and most effective group therapy sessions in any treatment program comprise 6 to 8 clients and 1 or 2 facilitators. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 7Why Rehab in Thailand, Not at Home?

The old adage ‘A change is as good as a rest’ applies in this case. All addicts and alcoholics have tried to stop in their home town environment. Some will have succeeded temporarily, but without a true program for a new way of life, these attempts are almost certainly doomed to failure sooner or later. The triggers are simply too numerous; people, places, things and familiarities. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 8What is The Cost?

A 30 day residential treatment program at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand will cost $7,850 fully inclusive of flights, transfers, all accommodation, extensive treatment program, all therapies, meals and leisure activities. Further details and extended stay options are available on our length of stay and costs pages.

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 9What is The Client Profile?

Primarily our clients will suffer drug addiction and/or alcohol dependency. Associated issues may include tendencies towards, gambling, overeating, and other addictive traits. Whilst all clients will likely share the same two ultimate characteristics – the addictive personality and the abuse of substances – each client’s behaviours and the symptoms displayed most prevalent may differ. Each client’s rehabilitation program will be personalised to their specific needs, but will major on gradual and gentle cleansing of mind, body and spirit… yes, we do mean that; mind body and spirit… that is what is required. Anybody who thinks addiction and alcohol treatment is just a physical thing very much underestimates the problem.

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 10What is The Treatment?

Undertakings will include;

  • Comprehensive medical health check
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Group therapies
  • Psychotherapy
  • Physical therapies
  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness training
  • Introductions to meditation techniques
  • Lectures and audio-visual presentations
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Introduction to self-help groups

All in all: possibly the most comprehensive alcohol and addiction treatment model offered by any of the rehabs in Thailand. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 11 – Why Do I Grieve My Substances?

Grief in letting go of our addiction is illogical but inevitable, and beatable. Grief counselling at SafeHouse Rehab in Thailand comforts you through the inevitable emotional turmoil of saying goodbye to the chemicals we once loved. Grief is perhaps the strangest of symptoms of giving up one’s addiction. After all, that addiction has caused nothing but serious trouble, extreme mental and emotional pain and major loss. Friends,   lovers, family, freedom, health, assets, self-respect and so much more. Surely therefore, leaving addiction behind should be a cause for joy, celebration and hope. That would be the logic. Sadly, the emotions of human beings rarely follow simple logic. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 12 – What Are My Aftercare Options?

Aftercare options following treatment at SafeHouse Rehab Center must be carefully considered as a crucial part of the addict’s and alcoholic’s plan to re-join society. By society, we mean family, work, friends and associates. However long the stay at SafeHouse Rehab, there really is no point in adopting a gung-ho attitude thereafter by thinking “yup, I’m clean and sober now, piece of cake; I’ll just get back at it”. That would be a clear recipe for relapse, immediate return to old ways, and potential disaster. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 13 – Can You Tell Me More About Ban Bueng?

Ban Bueng is located 9 kilometres off Motorway Route 7, about an hour’s drive South East of Central Bangkok, and only 30 minute from Bangkok’s main airport, Suvarnabhumi. It is located in the heart of Chonburi Province, hugging The Bay of Thailand’s eastern seaboard. The seaside City of Chonburi is located about 20 minute drive West of Ban Bueng. Ban Bueng (also known as Ban Bung) is a quiet town within the commuter catchment area of both Bangkok and Chonburi and has undergone significant development and infrastructure improvement over the last 10 years.  (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 14 – What is The Daily Treatment Schedule?

Our daily schedule at SafeHouse Rehab Centre delivers the treatment program, and has been carefully designed to be balanced, motivating, relaxing, engaging, powerful and very effective. Three healthy meals plus ample complementary therapies each day ensure that energy levels are high and constantly rejuvenated. The group work, individual counselling, interactive lectures and workshops, and study time are well apportioned to promote and maintain the interest and engagement of the client. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 15 – What is Your Exercise and Fitness Program?

At SafeHouse we know very well that most addicts and alcoholics arriving at our doors are physically debilitated to one extent or another. The sum total of their exercise regime for many years is likely only to have been running around looking for connections or going to and from pubs and bars. If they are lucky, maybe they go to work and back as well. We will not expect them to readily or easily start an exercise regime. However, as time progresses, the facilities available at SafeHouse, and incorporated in the daily treatment schedule will slowly come into play. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 16 – Do I Need Rehab?

There was a time for many suffering addiction and alcoholism when drinking and using were carefree and fun; Helpful even. But if you are looking at this SafeHouse website, those days are probably long gone. If you have any doubts as to whether you have crossed the line into dependent use of substances, and are reluctant to simply say; Do I need rehab? then ask yourselves the following questions. If you answer yes to even half of them, chances are you are an active drug addict or alcoholic, and need help. And bear in mind, if you do say ‘yes’ to only half, you will inevitably be saying ‘yes’ to the other half, if you survive long enough. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 17 – What Should I Expect in My First Week?

The first week in rehab can be a scary thought. What it entails will probably be the main question many potential clients want to ask once they have conceded a need to seek help? Fear of a new environment; fear of change; fear of meeting new people; fear of doing all this with the awful spectre of not drinking or using looming huge in the mind! The only thing real about the first week in rehab fears is the fear itself. In reality, the warm caring and reassuring welcome you will receive, from the moment we meet you at the airport or wherever, will start to melt away the fears quickly. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 18 – What Is The Opiate Implant Guarantee Option?

Naltrexone is a medical innovation designed to beat heroin addiction. It blocks the effects of heroin, methadone (Physeptone) and all other opiates, such as morphine, codeine, DF118 and Temgesic. It is completely effective, as once addicts realise that smoking or injecting even several grams of heroin has no effect, they do not usually waste their money by trying again. It kick-starts recovery by guaranteeing opiates are totally ineffective. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 19Can I Help My Children Avoid Drugs & Alcohol?

Teenage drug problems can strike any family at any time. All parents are aware that children will be faced with many dangers and problems as they go through puberty and the dreaded teenage years. Whilst ‘control’ is impossible, diligent and well considered parenting will help the whole family. Drugs and alcohol are huge dangers in the young adult years. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 20Why Choose a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Abroad?

Drug and alcohol rehab centres abroad are a very valid option for those seeking help. But before examining why, let’s look back a little in the history of the drug and alcohol user. Heavy drinkers and drug users very often come to a place in life when alcoholism and addiction take over. Some, if not all, elements of life become totally unmanageable, and pressures mount incessantly. (READ MORE)

SafeHouse Rehab FAQ 21How Long is Rehab?

Well, if you are giving 100% to your recovery, how long is rehab? In my years working in recovery I have seen many people come to rehab and leave early, only to have to try again later. Worse still they end up in jail, and some will continue to use until they die in active addiction. If you’re considering rehab it’s quite possible that you have tried many ways to control your drug use and failed. Now you stand here at the edge wondering how much of yourself and your time you will give to save your own life. (READ MORE)

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