SafeHouse Rehab Team

SafeHouse Rehab team selection has been painstakingly undertaken. The long experience in the rehab sector of the two founders demanded that the professional team selection was led by ethos, principle and the clients’ wellbeing over and above monetary factors. In a sector that can literally save lives, but which has also often been tarnished by scandal and unprofessionalism, SafeHouse aspires to a high ethical and moral philosophy.

Accordingly, the SafeHouse Duty of Care and Primary Purpose principles were formulated, were signed by the founders, and are proudly emphasised on our website and all literature. The selection of our Professional team included the overriding requirement that they subscribe to its principles.

The Safehouse Rehab Team Comprises of Highly Qualified Experienced Professionals

Secondary considerations around the SafeHouse rehab team were: wide and varied experience within the alcoholism and addiction spheres of healthcare; good relevant qualifications; a wide range of inter-personal skills, and an affinity with the ‘sort of’ rehab centre the founders wished to establish. This is fully outlined in our Treatment Program and Daily Schedule pages.

To find all these qualities, plus the willingness to relocate to Thailand required patience and fortitude. We selected a wonderful and hugely experienced man as our Treatment Director. Fortunately, after a long and successful career in Australia, he and his wife wish to enjoy the Thailand lifestyle that they had witnessed so many times on holidays in the Kingdom over many years. We are lucky to have found him, and he to have found SafeHouse at exactly the right time. He is highly professional, and just the man to lead The SafeHouse rehab team.

The Treatment Director is supplemented by a highly experienced team of senior clinician/program manager, two focal counsellors, two counsellors/group facilitators, and 3 clinical support staff.

Complementing the in-house team is a wealth of skilled professionals from England, Australia and Thailand, providing a mix of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Pharmacology, Complementary Therapy, Mental Health and Aftercare qualifications and expertise. The sum total of talent and variation in the SafeHouse rehab team (shown below) are absolutely conducive to our Primary Purpose and Duty of Care.

Incidentally, these principles have led to the establishment, and form the mission statement of the AATPA (Asia Addictions Treatment Providers Association) of which SafeHouse Rehab centre Thailand is the founding member, and which we hope will grow Asia-wide over time.

The founders, who are adopting executive and commercial positions, are confident the current team will expertly meet the needs of all our clients. Team expansion will be similarly cautious and selective, as will the associations we are forming with Complementary care providers in England, Australia, and the USA, which will be announced at the earliest opportunity.

The Professional SafeHouse Rehab Team

Warren Holland Consultant Counsellor and Australia Aftercare Facilitator SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand - Team
Warren Holland - Dip AOD, Coun, MH.

Senior Counsellor and Australia Aftercare Facilitator

Stephanie Wolfe Consultant Psychotherapist and Counsellor at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand - Team
Stephanie Wolfe - PG Dip BACP

Psychotherapist and Counsellor, UK Aftercare Facilitator

Gerrie Kalaidjian Consultant Mental Health Counsellor and South Thailand Aftercare Facilitator at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand - Team
Gerrie Kalaidjian - MA, MBA

Mental Health Counsellor and South Thailand Aftercare Facilitator

Panadda Jutachun - Director - Lifestyle Enhancement Centre at SafeHouse Thailand
Panadda Jutachun

Director - Female Client Buddhist Mentor

Lauren Gale Naturopathic Nutritionist at Safehouse Rehab Center Thailand - Team
Lauren Gale - NT Dip CNM MBANT

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Bruce Gordon Meditation Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Practitioner at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand - Team
Bruce Gordon

Meditation and Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Teerapong Choksatid - Bueng Executive Assisstant at SafeHouse Lifestyle Enhancement Rehab Center Thailand
Teerapong Choksatid (Bueng) - BSc (Hons)

Executive Assisstant

Rakchart Onchan - Mai Sports Centre Manager at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand - Team
Rakchart Onchan - Mai

Sports Centre Manager

In addition to the above Professional team, clinical and nursing staff are employed. These have been carefully selected, and are utilised appropriately. SafeHouse directly employs clerical, catering, security, and support staff, along with masseuses and other complementary therapists.

With the active input and experience of the founders and directors, the whole SafeHouse rehab team combines to provide a highly efficient and effective entity.