Aftercare Options

Aftercare options following treatment at SafeHouse Rehab Center must be carefully considered as a crucial part of the addict’s and alcoholic’s plan to re-join society. By society, we mean family, work, friends and associates. However long the stay at SafeHouse Rehab, there really is no point in adopting a gung-ho attitude thereafter by thinking “yup, I’m clean and sober now, piece of cake; I’ll just get back at it”. That would be a clear recipe for relapse, immediate return to old ways, and potential disaster.

Aftercare Plan at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

We will not take the client through the intense and detailed rehabilitation process and then ignore aftercare options, and just let go and hope. That would not meet the standards of our Duty of Care. More importantly, life is too precious for that, as is the client and his or her family. Therefore at SafeHouse we offer an in-house 2nd stage policy to all clients who successfully complete primary treatment, wherever they may go when they leave us. This would be discussed and tailored specifically to the client’s needs prior to completion of primary treatment.

Essentially, the client can come and go to SafeHouse and join specific group and other therapies for a two month period after his or her primary treatment ends. They may also accompany us on our regular excursions to ensure they enjoy company and activities.

There are few more dangerous emotions to people in recovery than loneliness and boredom. This option is subject to a relatively nominal fee for those who remain living close to SafeHouse and would require the facilities and support on a daily basis.

This facility remains discretionary, and depends on the client continuing to engage our program in a positive and helpful manner. The rehab community is a delicate organism which requires all those participating to have a healthy and positive attitude.

Structured Secondary Aftercare Options

Firstly, remain in Thailand at a half-way house. There are two of these available for rehab centre graduates in North Thailand, another in Ban Saray on the coast in Chonburi, and one in Bangkok. At all of these, a program for continued recovery is applied daily, but allowing much more freedom to the client than in primary treatment. Residents are encouraged to attend local self-help groups, get involved in the local community in a ‘giving’ way such as volunteering at animal or children charities, and seek out part-time employment or training opportunities. Generally the client has his or her own room, all meals catered for, and means of transport laid on by the facility. Social events and excursions are also normally on the agenda. This choice of options for aftercare is very gentle and allows for a period of relaxed grace before getting back to the reality of life in the home town. It is actually recommended for everyone, but more so for those without hurried family or work pressures calling them home.

Secondly, a hometown program for those who go straight home after a one, two or three month stay at SafeHouse. Returning home can be very scary; so many broken relationships to slowly rebuild, so many mixed emotions, so much fear and trepidation, many doubts, work, family, debts and responsibilities. It is a frightening time, but very surmountable if the ‘recovery toolbox’ the client leaves us with is used without delay. To supplement the clients own efforts we will line up a local hometown psychotherapist for weekly sessions. An introductory and complimentary 15 minute Skype session, when aftercare options with the therapist will be discussed, will be arranged while still at SafeHouse to check compatibility on both sides. If it doesn’t work out, we can find alternatives until the client chats to someone with whom they feel comfortable.  And we will equip the client with names and phone numbers of self-help groups, and individuals within those groups whom we feel can be trusted to assist in practical and emotional ways. And then there are the Local Social Services, from whom we will find out exactly what is on offer. There are many available.

Aftercare Options Being Discussed at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

While in SafeHouse the addict and alcoholic will spend many hours discussing and learning relapse prevention methods. The information and protocols will be in writing, and in the forefront of their minds. This is often good enough to help them to stay clean and sober, and move forward. On the other hand, all and any aftercare options packages can only be good, and significantly lessen the daily risks to maintaining abstinence from drink and drugs.

In keeping with our our duty of care and primary purpose, we will lay out the choices for the client and their significant others, make our recommendations, and help set everything up in the client’s very best interests. They will have to face the world at some point – we simply need to ensure they are best equipped to do so.