Ban Bueng

Ban Bueng is located 9 kilometres off Motorway Route 7, about an hour’s drive South East of Central Bangkok, and only 30 minute from Bangkok’s main airport, Suvarnabhumi. It is located in the heart of Chonburi Province, hugging The Bay of Thailand’s eastern seaboard. The seaside City of Chonburi is located about 20 minute drive West of Ban Bueng.

Ban Bueng Town Centre in Chonburi Thailand

Ban Bueng (also known as Ban Bung) is a quiet town within the commuter catchment area of both Bangkok and Chonburi and has undergone significant development and infrastructure improvement over the last 10 years. Ban Bueng sits on the trunk route 344 which links to Chonburi to Motorway Route 7 and beyond. It has recently been widened, resurfaced, and significantly upgraded to now include a town centre flyover by-pass.
Ban Bueng district was created in 1921 as a ‘minor district’ and in 1938 was elevated to ‘Full District’ status. Ban Bueng town itself has a population of around 53,000 being just over half the population of the full district, which includes many rural and riverside villages.

Lakeside Running Track at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Its proximity to Cities, Suvarnabhumi Airport, and major roads has encouraged population and development growth aplenty. Many upmarket housing developments have sprung up in and around the town. Two of Thailand’s main Superstore chains, Big C and Tesco Lotus are represented and easily accessible on the edge of the Town Centre. Both these stores satisfy most shopping, banking and dining requirements, including food courts, fast food and ice cream outlets, and more upmarket Thai brand restaurants. Elsewhere in the town can be found Italian, Chinese, and Indian and of course many Thai restaurants and traditional BBQ buffet outlets. If any visitors to SafeHouse have never cooked their own meals at their own table-top BBQ this is a treat waiting to be savoured.

Thai Shrine in Ban Bueng Town Centre Chonburi Thailand

The Town Centre itself is really charming, with several quaint shopping streets, ornate small lakes, many beautiful Buddhist shrines and temples, and a small Chinatown area. Ban Bueng boasts a 24 hour Government hospital (less than 2 minutes from SafeHouse Rehab Centre), and many general clinical surgeries and dentists. As in most Thai towns, there is a large selection of complementary therapy providers such as acupuncturists, herbal remedial therapists, professional massage outlets and meditation practitioners. Some of these we utilise for SafeHouse visits.

In short, Ban Bueng provides a good, safe and wholesome environment for an addiction and alcoholism rehab centre, with hardly any negative distractions or temptations.

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