Best Rehab in Thailand

Best Rehab in Thailand is a difficult question for the onlooker to consider, and probably more difficult for any rehab centre to achieve. How can it be rated, or quantified? To be a good alcoholism and drug addiction treatment centre requires great care and consideration in so many facets. And most rehabs would diligently do their utmost to at least be in the running for Best Rehab in Thailand, if indeed that title officially existed!

And is this for mercenary reasons of pride, competition, income? Or is it for the more altruistic and benevolent considerations of truly wanting to rebuild and even save the lives of sufferers of alcoholism and drug addiction – lives possibly even considered unsalvageable by many. Well, there is a certain intertwining of motives. For sure, rehab centres have to make money to survive. And to survive, they have to employ very good professional staff and absorb high costs of property, therapies, food, excursions: really everything offered by a 4* inclusive holiday, plus provision of an extensive treatment program. So they have to generate a decent income. And certainly, those who put in the capital to establish and fund any establishment they want to become the Best Rehab in Thailand will naturally seek a reasonable return on their investment.

The Best Rehab in Thailand Must Have Goals to Achieve Perfection

But against this ‘real life’ attitude is the absolute fact that most alcohol and drug rehabs around the world, but especially in Thailand, are founded by individuals who genuinely want to help relieve the pains of the alcoholic, the addict, and their long-suffering families. There is not a rehab centre in Thailand that has not been established with the best of healthcare in mind. That is a fact. Even around the world, considering the largest and most noteworthy and well-known individual and corporate groups of rehab, their beginnings grew from good motives.

But to be considered Best Rehab in Thailand, let’s look at the criteria that might be relevant. The treatment program is obviously a key element. The professional staff delivering that program must rank very highly. And what about the environment, the facilities, comforts. Are these important? Certainly they are. Clients at a rehab centre must be comforted into a receptive emotional and physical state to receive the best that the treatment program has to offer. If good private pristine accommodation and wonderful facilities such as steam room, sauna, and massage suites help the client reach this state, it bodes well for the chances of success. Environment matters too, but only in a realistic fashion. That is, if an establishment seeking to rate as the Best Rehab in Thailand exists on a golden beach or alongside a beautiful river in a mountain valley that is great. But it is not great if the clients are encouraged to believe that existing as such is the key to recovery, and that overindulgence of luxury is a good thing. For it is not. The needs of sufferers of alcoholism and drug addiction will not be best served by such attitudes. Best Rehab practise is not, and will never be provision of a 5* vacation. It is too serious a matter for that.

The Success of The Best Rehab in Thailand Is Monitored In Various Ways

Does size matter? It is not as if the bigger a rehab gets, the better it becomes. Rehab Centre group treatment programs should be delivered in client modules of 6 to 8 people. It is best for group dynamics and professional staffing ratios must be appropriate. And there must be adequate time and staff to deliver the essential one-to-one counselling. So, the bigger a rehab centre gets, the more working accommodation and qualified staff it needs. This is achievable, but only with very diligent and far-sighted planning. Some rehabs can become victims of their own success and suffer deterioration in standards proportionally to their growth. This also suggests that longevity of an operation does not really count either, as length of existence may not correlate to maintenance of standards.

Sadly, even statistics cannot truly assess which establishment may be Best Rehab in Thailand. What stats would one use? Completion of treatment? staying clean for 3 months, six months or even one year? Or not staying clean, but having a great improvement in life over the long term? It is a statistician’s minefield with no true answer. After all, completion of treatment is only a very small step in the rest of an addict’s or alcoholic’s life.

After treatment, would the care and attention to the immediate and mid-term future of the client be incorporated in Best Rehab in Thailand evaluation? Certainly. The planning of a top rate, accessible, and affordable aftercare regime is of paramount importance.

The Best Rehab in Thailand Is Not Always The Most Expensive

And how about price? Does the highest cost mean best, and lowest mean worst? Certainly not, as there are so many factors that govern prices.

To be considered Best Rehab in Thailand requires a carefully constructed balance of all the above, and is not an easy task. But if all drug and alcohol rehabs in Thailand at least make the effort to be considered Best Rehab in Thailand, it is mainly the client that benefits.

Certainly, at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand, we would love to be considered highly in this category, and are working on all elements to do so.