Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab

Complementary therapy at SafeHouse Rehab is hugely important. Clients will spend many hours each day undergoing gentle psychotherapy, receiving counselling, and undertaking simple written assignments. But there are still several hours every day where we encourage clients to rest their minds and bodies, and experience the wide range of enjoyable, relaxing and healing therapies at SafeHouse rehab, as follows;

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.1 – Reiki

Penny Chequer Complementary and Clinical Therapist at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab includes Reiki, which is a great aid to personal recovery long-term, and a wonderfully relaxing and holistic discipline. It addresses the whole being: mind body and spirit. The Reiki practitioner at SafeHouse is Penny Chequer, a fully qualified Reiki master teacher.

The word Reiki is made by combining two Japanese words: rei and ki or chi. Rei means universe and ki or chi means energy. Reiki means universal energy. It is pronounced ray key.

A Japanese monk by the name of Mikao Usui (1865-1926) had a realisation whilst meditating. He experienced healing energy on his crown chakra. He named this healing energy Reiki. He also utilised symbols to add further strength and direction to the energy. He helped thousands of people to heal with Reiki. He passed on this healing system to numerous acolytes with a system of attunements and practice. He developed 3 levels of teaching. Level 1, level 2, and Master level. In some schools now, master and teacher level are separated making 4 levels.

The system was further developed by one of his students Chijiro Hayashi who then attuned Madame Hawaya Takata who then attuned 22 initiates between 1970-1980 to Master level. Now hundreds of thousands of people practise Reiki around the world.

Benefits of Reiki as a complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab

  • Reiki enhances well being
  • Can help healing
  • Relieves stress
  • Releases emotional, physical and spiritual blocks
  • Opens the chakras

The seven chakras

  1. Root chakra – connected to kidneys, bladder and spine. Seat of the kundalini
  2. Hara chakra – Connected to sexual organs and ovaries
  3. Solar plexus – connected to adrenal glands, stomach, liver and gall bladder
  4. Heart chakra – connected to thymus gland, heart, lungs and circulatory system
  5. Throat chakra- connected to thyroid gland and throat. Centre of expression
  6. Third eye chakra – connected to pituitary gland. Centre of intuition
  7. Crown chakra – connected to the pineal gland, upper brain and right eye

Whilst Reiki helps anyone, as a complementary therapy at SafeHouse Rehab, it is especially beneficial to people with addiction problems. The benefits include:

Reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms
Giving a profound sense of well-being
Empowering the person
Removing emotional blocks
Releasing negative feelings
Helping to heal childhood trauma

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.2 – Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine and therapy which has been practised for thousands of years. It involves insertion of extremely fine needles into specific points, to encourage the release of endorphins. These in turn help relieve pain and the symptoms of stress. Acupuncture is therefore highly effective in helping the process of rehabilitation from alcohol and drug addiction. At SafeHouse, we utilise two different practitioners.

Acupuncture a Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

One is a medical acupuncturist from Ban Bueng Hospital, who will utilise many body points to address primarily physical issues, such as neck and back pain, headaches and muscular pains. He visits once a week on a Wednesday evening.

The second is our in-house therapist Penny Chequer, who is a member of NADA GB, and specialises in ear acupuncture. The main aim and benefit of Penny’s method is to promote relaxation and help encourage a sense of well-being and calm. Different points in the ear promote mind body and spiritual healing, not least including benefits to kidney, liver, lungs, and the autonomic nervous system. More noticeable symptoms of drink and drug withdrawals that are aided will be sweats, back pain, fatigue anxiety, restlessness and over sensitivity. As a complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab to assist acute and post-acute withdrawal, it is highly recommended.

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.3 – Thai Massage

Thai Massage a Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

At SafeHouse, we utilise local traditional Thai masseuses who either come to our Day Centre, or receive our clients at their salons, which are within the SafeHouse campus.

The individual benefits in many ways from Thai massage. Gentle pressure on energy lines and yoga-like stretching deeply relaxes the whole body. This improves the individuals’ personal outlook and emotional status. It promotes a deeper, more restorative night’s sleep which in turn aids physical healing and freshness in the mornings.

The gradual movement of the person through different yoga-like positions helps to reduce stress levels and improves overall circulation, thereby enhancing flexibility and range of motion. This in turn reduces muscle stress and strain. Increased circulation brings more oxygen to the brain, which will help alleviate migraines and headaches.

The gentle slow movements of this particular complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab encourages the mind and spirit to realise a true form of relaxation and stressor relief, hence levelling blood pressure. Longer term, and with perseverance, Thai massage will therefore lower the occurrence of heart problems.

Muscular stress will also be depleted thereby facilitating a more fluid range of extension. This will help increase energy levels. Healthier muscles and increased energy promotes maintenance of a healthy weight, which in turn moderates blood sugar levels.

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.4 – Aromatherapy Massage

Massage combined with the benefits of essential oils is aromatherapy massage. Full body massage includes your back, the front and back of your legs (including thighs), your feet, your arms and your chest. During an hour of indulgence, this treatment will totally relax you and help drive out tensions. It’s a very useful therapy in countering the stresses and strains of acute and post-acute addiction withdrawals.

The oils used in aromatherapy massage are blended from proven plant essences, and the SafeHouse therapists will recommend a particular combination of oils to suit our clients’ needs. Aromatherapy massage oils contain up to 10 different essential and carrier oils. the ‘carriers’ dilute the ‘essentials’ so that the skin won’t be harmed.

The many results absorption and inhalation of aromatherapy oils include natural chemical brain messages triggering emotional responses such as:

Evoking of positive memories; Energisation; Feelings of safety and security; Stress relief; Hormone balancing; Insomnia relief; Help with aches and pains.

So, as well as being a wonderfully sensual and relaxing hour of complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab, the deeper benefits of aromatherapy massage are entirely appropriate to a holistic treatment program.

Steam and Sauna

SafeHouse clients have daily use of a steam room and sauna, both of which are surprisingly therapeutic, enjoyable, and entirely appropriate as part of the eclectic, body mind and spirit treatment program championed by SafeHouse Rehab Center.

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.5 – Steam

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Our Steam Room

The steam room opens up airways, improves breathing and alleviates congestion. The wet heat thins and opens mucous membranes, thereby relieve pressure. The steam room also increases metabolism can aid weight loss. The steam room causes you to sweat, which helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body. In acute and post-acute withdrawal stages, this is an obvious and huge benefit. The steam also helps to clear out any impurities from the skin which is especially good for those who have acne.

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.6 – Sauna

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Our Sauna

The dry sauna heat relaxes nerve endings and warms and relaxes muscles, thereby relieving body tension and minimizing joint pain. Saunas can calm mind and body stress and can certainly help induce sleep, and reduce headaches. Sauna heat helps the body release natural endorphins, which make a person feel better all-round. The process of heating and then cooling the body releases increased levels of melatonin, again helping relaxation and deeper sleep. Sauna is certainly a very all-round complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab. Saunas will help to eradicate blackheads to give you clearer skin and make you look, and therefore feel, better and healthier.

Complementary Therapy at SafeHouse Rehab No.7 – The Combined Benefits

At SafeHouse, we recommend an hour once or twice a week, utilising the steam room, sauna, and swimming pool, doing 5 to 10 minutes in each, 3 or 4 times. In this combination, every hour spent utilising this complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab will prove so very useful to the client’s rehabilitation, and highly enjoyable into the bargain.

In general terms, the sauna is better for muscle relaxation and lowering blood pressure whereas the steam room will help with overall detoxification of the body. Saunas use dry heat whereas steam rooms use more moist heat. Both facilities open up your pores and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which will effectively aid in the softening and improved colouration of skin.

The combined benefits of clients utilising everything on offer are immense. It is encouraged that all clients spend at least 7 hours a week on complementary therapy at SafeHouse rehab, and another couple of hours a week doing light exercises in the gym and swimming pools. Clients will soon find their favoured activities and choose for themselves what they like the best and do the most. The benefits to mind, body and spirit will help ensure that clients exit SafeHouse after rehab with the best, most rounded chances of maintaining their recovery long-term.