Contact With The Outside World

Contact with the outside world whilst in our care must be considered carefully, and in the best interests of all concerned. There are few things more distracting to the client than family or work issues and problems, and few things more damaging to the client than contact with dealers or drinking and using acquaintances. Our policy, conceived in the client’s best interests, is therefore as follows.

Contact With The Outside World at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

All clients will hand their devices in to SafeHouse Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. These are primary rehab hours, during which clients should remain focused on the treatment program. If important calls or contacts need to be made during these times, they will of course be facilitated.

On check-in, the client will make contact with the outside world via one family member or alternative significant other to confirm safe arrival. The client will then give us the name and phone number of one designated significant other, with whom SafeHouse can remain in contact throughout the treatment program.

If a client arrives with some days or weeks clean and sober, and it is considered appropriate by the clinical and management team, the client can immediately retain their devices evenings and weekends.

If a client arrives during or pre-detox, or appearing extremely vulnerable to negative outside issues, they will hand in all devices for at least one week, and possibly for the duration of their detox. It will be up to the client and the clinical team as to when devices will be returned. Again, important contact with family or work can be facilitated during this period.

These protocols will help the client settle in and familiarise him or herself with the SafeHouse environment and the other clients. It must be noted that any outside contact that SafeHouse, after discussion with the client, considers detrimental to the program will be curtailed or limited. We will not encourage social media use or gratuitous contact with friends and associates. Rather we will impress upon the client the sense in keeping liaisons within family and work arenas.

During the client’s treatment, SafeHouse will phone the client’s designated contact weekly, to offer updates on progress. We will also be happy to take incoming calls for impromptu updates or to pass on appropriate messages. Essentially, the client’s short time at SafeHouse is too precious to encourage unnecessary distractions through excessive contact with the outside world. Our Primary Purpose is to provide a new, long and productive life to the client, during which time he or she can contact who they want, whenever they want. A semblance of controlled contact for these few very important weeks is essential to maximise the client’s chances of a good recovery.