Daily Treatment Schedule

Our daily treatment schedule at SafeHouse Rehab Centre delivers the treatment program, and has been carefully designed to be balanced, motivating, relaxing, engaging, powerful and very effective. Three healthy meals plus ample complementary therapies each day ensure that energy levels are high and constantly rejuvenated.

The group work, individual counselling, interactive lectures and workshops, and study time in the daily treatment schedule are well apportioned to promote and maintain the interest and engagement of the client.

There will be no time to get bored or lonely, which is the very best template for clients to get another 24 hours clean and sober whilst in our care. Even the 15 minute breaks between daily treatment schedule modules will be spent in the company of others, in the living room or gardens, when clients will have a chance to review the previous session with healthy doses of humour and irony. There won’t be a counsellor in sight at these times (they will be too busy in their offices noting client’s on-going progress!).

Mondays to Fridays are pretty intense, whilst Saturdays and Sundays are less so, and involve various excursions. Please take a look at the schedule below

SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand Daily Treatment Schedule

At the end of every day, clients will go to bed tired, fulfilled and a little proud of themselves and having lightened their load just a little. As the days and weeks go by, all these wonderful feelings (not experienced for so very long in active addiction) will be compounded until the ultimate micro-goals of the daily treatment schedule are achieved and maintained – happiness, contentment and hope. Sometimes these will last for just a minute, or ten minute; then an hour, then maybe a whole day. The point is, progress will be made every day towards really wanting more recovery. Addiction can be beaten, slowly but surely. And along the way, through professional implementation of the daily treatment schedule, the stresses suffered by the addict and alcoholic, and those who love them and want them to recover, are lessened evermore.

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