Help with Heroin Addiction

Help with heroin addiction comes in many forms. It ranges from bizarre to sensible, and useless to very effective. Heroin is a fearsome foe, possibly the most perfectly addictive of any drug, but it is only one of hundreds of drug-types that are used by addicts. Use of the heroin itself is simply a personal choice over for instance, a stimulant such as methamphetamine. The abuse of drugs – any drugs – is a symptom of the disease of addiction.

Help With Heroin Addiction at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

SafeHouse maintains that the help required is not really much to do with the heroin, but the addiction. Addiction manifests physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and infects every cell of the body. Indeed, many people seeking help with heroin addiction feel they have somehow punctured their very soul by use of the needle, and by the endless deterioration of their moral standards. It is all these issues that must be addressed if help with heroin addiction has even a chance of being successful. After the physical manifestation is dealt with by effective detox, the rest must be dealt with promptly.

Help with Heroin Addiction – Unreal and Ineffective

The most bizarre form of help with heroin addiction tried by addicts is from inanimate objects. The following examples are not flippant figments of imagination – they are true, accurate and as factual as the addiction is serious! Radiators for instance. When an addict chains him or herself to one, and throws the padlock key out the window. Or a caravan in an isolated field. The addict will imagine that a locked caravan, a chain and tough padlock, with stocks of only bread, beans and tea for a few days, is a good idea. He or she may even ask an old sensible friend to partake in this insanity! All these, and other inanimate objects will do, is force the addict to stop using for a couple of days at best, until he or she devises an escape. If you ever see a sick looking person walking down the road chained to a radiator, or through a field pulling a caravan, you will know what’s happened. These efforts do not, cannot, will not work.

A more sensible solution is re-homing the addict in a therapeutic farm-type community where, post-withdrawal, the addict will learn to milk cows, eat healthily, meditate, plant crops, enjoy quiet sunrises, and wonder at the phases of the moon. This may last a few weeks, or even a few months, but in itself will not provide any long-lasting recovery platform to be relied upon.

We could go on with any number of methods of kicking the heroin habit temporarily and miserably but we’d rather again emphasise the point – it is the addiction itself that must be addressed. That is a whole new ballgame where radiators, caravans, padlocks and farms do not score points. Using addicts will go from ridiculous and unwarranted confident statements such as ‘I’ll stop tomorrow’ to ‘ there’s no way out, I’m going to die an addict’, regularly: daily, weekly, even hourly! Sadly, the second prophecy is more likely to be fulfilled than the first if serious help with heroin addiction is not found. Every time an addict uses heroin, there is a chance of death. Against that, ‘tomorrow’ never comes, especially in the context of an addict waking up and suddenly, as if by magic, is cured! This will not happen.

Help with Heroin Addiction – Real and Effective

The Horror of Heroin Addiction It Ends at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

What should happen for any addict seeking help from heroin addiction, is they must start with a desire to stop – even a grudging desire or acknowledgement. Then a willingness to be open-minded, followed by a plan of real, effective action. The most proven action known to man for help with heroin addiction is a gentle planned detox followed by real, meaningful rehabilitation that effectively deals with the issues. At SafeHouse we also offer the rapid detox/opiate implant blocker route – Naltrexone – that is recognised by the likes of the Betty Ford Clinic and Hazelden as a legitimate pathway to sustainable recovery.

Every addict’s life is stained by shame, guilt, terrible deeds, total and utter self-centeredness, and the blighted lives of loved ones. Yet, with an eclectic mental, physical and emotional unravelling of this horrific self-imposed torture, every drug abuser seeking help with heroin addiction can be reborn into a new age of hope, self-respect and joy that would previously have seemed impossible.

At SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand, we have that program, and can provide the necessary stimulus towards a complete, sustainable recovery that will leave the client’s addiction firmly where it belongs – in the past! Please take this opportunity to look at our treatment program which incorporates every gentle and nurturing therapy that will be needed.

Help with Heroin Addiction – For The Family

The suffering of the addict’s family is horrendous. The family have to witness the tragic decline of their loved one, normally without the anaesthesia relief effects still occasionally enjoyed by the addict. The pain, the confusion, the powerlessness and the anger, for the family is immense. At SafeHouse, we are not blind at all to this particularly terrible consequence of addiction, and it is our pleasure and joy to provide a safe environment for the addict to seek recovery, and some respite and hope the family. If all goes well, the addict will recover, and the family unit’s dysfunction will slowly recede, as new relationships and trust take hold.