Rooms at SafeHouse Rehab are limited to 16. Why?

There are rehabs in Thailand and all over the world who service 100 clients or more at all times. Sometimes their staff ratio, facilities and time management are appropriate, and sometimes they are not. SafeHouse has made a conscious decision to keep numbers of clients to 16 or less. The two most important factors in addiction and alcoholism treatment are group and one-to-one counselling.

Covering All Angles in The Group Therapy Rooms at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

The optimum and most effective group therapy sessions in any treatment program comprise 6 to 8 clients and 1 or 2 facilitators. We have designed our group rooms to accommodate up to 10 people and no more. We have two allocated group therapy rooms in our facility. Our staffing ratios are similarly tailored to assure all clients receive a full hour of one-to-one counselling at least every two days. Similarly, all our other therapeutic activities, as well as cooking, dining, and transport facilities are tailored to a maximum of 16 clients. We would hope to always have 12 to 16 clients, which would be perfect for all our facilities.

Of course, if we have less, that is also fine. The addicts and alcoholics in our care would receive even more attention and guidance, which will never be a bad thing. We will strongly resist taking more than the optimum 16, but if we do expand at some point, it will not be at the expense of staff ratios, accommodation and facilities, or the clients’ best interests. Such expansion would follow the 6 to 8 groupings template. So we may seek incremental expansion from 16 to 18 firstly, and then to 24. Fortunately our site will always have suitable options for expansion as and when needed.

We take addiction and alcoholism extremely seriously at SafeHouse Rehab Center. The client’s wellbeing shapes our expansion policy, and not vice-versa. That policy is implicit in our Duty of Care and Primary Purpose.