Second Stage Recovery Options

Second stage recovery options after primary treatment at SafeHouse rehab in Thailand are numerous and varied. Some clients, out of necessity or readiness will travel home to their life, families, friends and careers. They will put their all into a new start with a full aftercare plan and helpful support contacts.

At SafeHouse, for clients who successfully complete Primary Teatment, we offer a Second Stage package at relatively nominal fees. This is designed for those who wish to remain living close to SafeHouse, and who wish to remain part of our Community, albeit with a greater degree of freedom, autonomy and responsibility.

For others after a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program, the client’s best interests may be served by moving on to one of several recommended second stage recovery options to commence new stages of rehabilitation. SafeHouse can help the client find appropriate facilities all over the world, but the following are certainly worth consideration.

Second stage recovery options – No 1 – Banyantree21.com

Banyantree21.com is an alternative, 21-day residential addiction recovery facility set in the beautiful mountains of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Using traditional local herbal remedies combined with a gentle Western inspired program of action, they offer the best of both worlds. Totally off-grid and solar-powered with our own fresh water supply, the centre reflects the natural balance of nature and humanity. Following the rigours of addiction and the primary treatment undertaken at SafeHouse the simple philosophy is to provide good food, herbal medicine, massage and gentle exercise in natural surroundings to soothe mind and body towards a new sense of serenity and calm.

Banyantree Thailand - Second Stage Recovery Options After SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Clifford Edwards, at Banyantree says “when we are at ease and settled, we get present with our current position before looking behind the veil to see where we were. We look with softer eyes, understanding that our previous decisions were based on an unskilful mindset. In recovering, there is only so much we can actually do so we focus on undoing; letting go of our previous coping mechanisms or habits before trying something new. We are open to inspiration and clarity“

Banyantree is certainly one of the calmer and more holistic centres available, and would be recommended for clients open-minded and willing to try one of the more unusual second stage recovery options. A wish and willingness to bask in the quietness and solitude would certainly be granted.

Banyantree21.com is Thailand’s only recovery facility that focuses on traditional Lanna herbal healing. In addition to maintaining bodily detox beyond drugs and alcohol, Banyantree21 can seek to further address secondary health issues. The Banyantree herb doctor is one of the country’s most respected authorities, researchers and authors on Lanna herbs.

Second stage recovery options – No. 2 – Hope House, Ban Saray

Hope House Thailand is located in Ban Saray, Sattahip, in the Thai province of Chonburi. It’s about an hour and a half from Bangkok, and just an hour from SafeHouse. The town itself was once a sleepy fishing and beach paradise which now has a small expat community served by a mix of Thai and western eateries, ample shopping and quiet leisure facilities. This is one of the second stage recovery options considered very suitable for clients who complete detox and primary treatment at SafeHouse, and wish to move on to a more real-life stage of recovery from addiction.

Hope House Thailand - Second Stage Recovery Options After SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Hope House has en-suite rooms with wifi, a gym and swimming pool, and bicycles and kayaks available for leisure and exercise. A full team of staff conversant in moving clients through stages of addiction recovery live on-site, and are supported by adequate service staff. The program includes daily groups, one to one sessions with a dedicated recovery coach, meditation groups, volunteering at a local orphanage, fitness, yoga, excursions and attending local self-help meetings. Hope House reflects second stage recovery options that mirror primary treatment at SafeHouse, but in a less intense and structured fashion, and allowing a greater degree of freedom for the individual.

Paul Loftus at Hope House comments “Another area we facilitate is for the client to become an English teacher in Thailand by taking the Tefl course (Teach English as a Foreign Language). We have many clients who have successfully remained clean while teaching in Thailand after completing this course. Whilst completing the course, clients can help themselves by teaching the local temple monks rudimentary English“

The program is life skill focused and will enable putting into practice all learned during primary treatment. There is great support from peers and staff. At Hope House the clients have the freedom to manage daily life and continue on the journey of stages of recovery from addiction and alcoholism. This is a key component to treatment and is widely recognized as an important part of the process – bridging the gap between primary treatment and returning home.

Second stage recovery options – No.3 – TATVA, Goa, India

TATVA is an emotional wellness and mental health awareness organisation based in tropical Goa, India. It is situated on an island in rural North Goa, surrounded by beautiful scenery including rivers lakes and farming communities. It’s tranquillity and atmosphere is conducive to calmness and healing.

TATV Goa India - Second Stage Recovery Options After SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

TATVA’s service includes residential and out-patient extended care addiction treatment, and is recommended by SafeHouse as a prime example of second stage recovery options for clients who wish to continue recovery from addiction and alcoholism with the help and support of highly qualified, professional and experienced practitioners delivering evidenced based philosophies and modalities.

A bespoke and individual holistic treatment plan is personalised for each client to assist all areas of their recovery and ongoing development. Issues covered include relapse prevention, self-directed living, life skills, and career options. Its residential centre is run as a therapeutic community, with 24/7 support staff. Tatva works closely with a local psychiatrist and hospital if necessary.

Kripi Malviya, co-creator of TATVA comments “Therapeutic approaches include one to one counselling, group work, topical discussions and educational lectures. Nature, art, music and drama therapies, massage, yoga and meditation complement the program. All clients residing at the centre are expected to engage in TATVA’s structured program, and will be designated various light therapeutic household tasks to promote awareness, responsibility, understanding, meaning, purpose and empowerment”

A strong emphasis is put on self-expression through all types of creativity, allowing clients to explore their potential and enable them to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy.

Please note: The above three are just a sample. There are many other second stage recovery options SafeHouse can recommend, including the OAD Clinic in London, numerous facilities in the USA, the Victoria Street Clinic Melbourne, and of course the SafeHouse off-site aftercare facilitators employed on the five Continents. Certainly, every individual’s continued recovery is partially dependent on the aftercare plan, which will be painstakingly considered before discharge by the client and the SafeHouse professional team.