Spice Addiction Treatment

Spice addiction treatment is desperately needed, being the predominant substance within the group formerly known in the United Kingdom as Legal Highs. Spice – a synthetic cannabinoid – is one of that cluster of psychoactive substances that were banned by the UK Government in May 2016 under the Psychoactive Substances Act (PSA). Similarly, governmental authorities around the globe have followed suit, but as usual, simply banning or restricting a substance is worth little more than paper the order is written on.

Spice Addiction Treatment at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

Spice, which is infinitely more powerful than herbal cannabis and can be fatal, is described as creating a ‘zombie plague’ of users, which is growing exponentially. Collapsed users in the streets and on public transport are increasingly evident. Pre-collapse, users resemble pale, wasted walking zombies. It is a very powerful and dangerous substance with little quality control at the dominant point of manufacture in China.

An organic chemist at a University in South Carolina USA accidentally invented Spice while seeking to develop new anti-inflammatory medication, via blending multiple strains of synthetic cannabis. In 2006, the chemist himself declared the synthesis as not fit for human consumption, but it nevertheless began to surface on websites two years later and found its way onto the retail market. Little did the chemist know how his invention would ultimately create the need for widespread Spice addiction treatment.

Previously available in ‘Head Shops’ and On-Line, availability is now centred amongst unscrupulous illegal drug dealing operations, and in retrospect, many commentators suggest that the ban on Spice and other synthetics has simply exacerbated the problem, sent it underground, and made control and education so much harder. Hence Spice addiction treatment is now in demand.

Habitual users of Spice are, like with all drug addictions, trapped in a nightmare of physical mental and emotional decline, growing destitution and degradation. Spice is described as cannabis with a heroin-like effect and is capable of inducing psychotic episodes, seizures and terrifying hallucinations. Like all ‘new’ drugs, teenagers are particularly at risk of falling into an addictive cycle. They then become dealers themselves to maintain their personal supply. Spice is the first drug in some time that has been evidenced as readily available near the ‘school gates’, and which is creating a new epidemic to rival those of ecstasy, cocaine and heroin in previous generations.

The fallout from impact on Public Services providers in the UK – ambulance, police, probation services – has been so significant that it has led to speculation that it is being used as a weapon against our society, much as heroin was used against the USA during the Vietnamese conflict. The problem is world-wide, however, with similar use and results noted throughout Europe, the USA, Russia, Asia and Australasia.

At SafeHouse, Spice addiction treatment has been quickly recognized as a new priority, despite ‘Social Drift Hypotheses’, which would indicate that it will only hit persons from lower socio-economic brackets. In the British prison system, we are already seeing huge strain being placed on Prison Officers from increasingly unpredictable and chaotic behaviour.

Spice Addiction Treatment at SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand

It is not too difficult to extrapolate this anecdotal evidence to the streets; lengthy maintenance substitution, and middle and old aged Spice addicts living in misery draining the State of money and resources.

SafeHouse Rehab Centre in Thailand is receiving increasing numbers of enquiries from addicts and parents seeking information about Spice addiction treatment, and are given the same answers to those enquiring about treatment for addiction to other drugs. It is not the specific drug that must be treated, it is the underlying addiction. Spice addiction treatment, like any other, is absolutely available, and can be addressed by our multi-disciplinary team.

By utilizing the sort of eclectic, holistic and individually crafted program delivered by the SafeHouse Rehab team of Clinicians, Psychologists and Counsellors, Spice addicts can regain their freedom from addiction and go on to live happy, fulfilling lives. It’s all about getting the best Spice addiction treatment before it’s too late.